About us

Cryptoredeemer.com is a blockchain-focused website created in 2017 on the Blogger platform as www.Ronaldobase.com but moved to WordPress in January 2020 as www.Cryptoredeemer.com.

Crypto Redeemer aims to elevate West Africa and the entire world by Encouraging topics on Cryptocurrency, Gift cards, and Our own gaming project that rewards players with Redeemer tokens based on their performance in the game.

On our blog you can get free tutorials and tips related to Bitcoin, digital currencies, Gift cards, and money-making ideas. Hence, bloggers, Crypto enthusiasts, Internet entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and people with general interests in Internet money and gaming will find the blog posts relevant and interesting.


Our History

Our journey started with person-to-person crypto and gift card trading, Growing popular as the days pass by, Since 2018 to date we have helped over one thousand individuals trade cryptocurrencies and gift cards in exchange for Cash.


We are legit and will help you exchange your cryptocurrencies and gift cards for Cash, We would be glad if you trust and transact with us, More details on how to trade with crypto redeemer.

As a way to keep our site running, we promote our services and with time we decided to join the NFT game space to give our users the opportunity to earn revenue for performance.

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