Trade Terms and Conditions

Trade Disclaimer

By accepting to trade with Crypto Redeemer you have agreed to our Trade terms and conditions which are listed below.

gift card trade terms and conditions

Cryptocurrency Trade Terms

Before you proceed to trade cryptocurrency with us please read the disclaimer below.

  • We don’t pay you until your Crypto has been confirmed on our wallet.
  • You must provide a screenshot of the crypto transaction.

How Can I Use My Bitcoin?

  • Rates will be calculated based on the exact amount of Crypto received on our wallet, Not based on the fiat amount sent due to the fluctuation of the market.


  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive payment instantly or within 24hrs.


Gift Cards Trade Terms


  • We won’t be held responsible for any faulty cards. Also, note that newly purchased cards can be faulty or already used too, This error occurs mostly when a card claim code is not properly activated.


  • We won’t be able to send your Payment if your gift card claim code results Invalid or has already been redeemed, in cases like this, a screenshot will be provided as Crypto Redeemer uses a third-party application to redeem cards.

Which Gift Card Is Available In Germany?

  • Crypto Redeemer has every right to report you to authorities in case of Dispute.
  • All payments will be made instantly except for some situations it will take within 24hrs.

We have the right to refuse trade if you cant meet our requirements.

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