Best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria, It’s important to use a trusted wallet for the safety of your bitcoins. We all know how rapidly the popularity of BTC is spreading in Nigeria.

As more people get introduced to the digital currency. they likely want to know the best Bitcoin account to open in Nigeria.

best bitcoin wallet in NigeriaSo in this article, you are going to learn Which Bitcoin wallet is best in Nigeria?. I personally use a few of them and they would request your BVN to verify your bank when creating an account with them. Just follow their instructions so you are safe to use any of the below listed.

Where Does Bitcoin Come From?

best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria Top trusted


NairaEx is one of the top Nigeria Bitcoin wallets where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

How to create NairaEx account in Naija

Visit and click the “Create Account Now” button.

best bitcoin account in Nigeria

A new window will open for you to enter your details then agree to their terms and conditions and finally click Signup.

Nairaex account in nigeria

You will be prompt to confirm your email and provide more personal information to verify your new account. After successfully getting all this done you now have a NairaEx account and can store bitcoin on your wallet.


Blockchain is a well-known bitcoin wallet that has Ethereum, bitcoin-cash and other coin wallets integrated into one account.

they also support 140 countries including Nigeria. It was the first bitcoin wallet I ever used. never have I had any issues using their platform.

With Blockchain you get to be your own Bank.

You can Send, Receive and Trade bitcoin on Blockchain wallet easily.

How to create your blockchain bitcoin wallet

To create a blockchain wallet online visit and click on Get a Free Wallet.

blockchain wallet in nigeria

A new window will open requesting for your details, Type in your Email address and choose a secure bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

After successfully filling your details then click continue to verify your information and that’s how you create a blockchain wallet. The image below shows the web version of the blockchain wallet.

Blockchain also has a mobile app you can install from your phone’s app store. Both android and ios.

Just search Blockchain, Install and sign in to start using your free bitcoin wallet.


Luno is a cryptocurrency company headquartered in London which is one of the Best BTC wallets in Naija.

I use their wallet basically to trade Bitcoin for Ethereum cause that’s the only two wallets currently supported Luno.

How to create your Luno Bitcoin Account

To create a free Luno account visit and click signup to create your free account.

Luno also has a free mobile app you can install from your phone’s App store.

To start creating the account fill in your details, email and choose a secure password. Choose Nigeria as your country or any country you are currently living.

After filling your details follow the next steps to verify your BVN, Email, and phone number.

Make sure to use the same details on your Nigerian bank account to avoid issues later.


Paxful is one of the Best bitcoin wallets in Nigeria where sellers and buyers transact with over 300 payment methods.

You can easily buy bitcoins with gift cards, Paypal, western union, etc. You can store your Bitcoin on paxful as it also has a bitcoin wallet.

How to create your Paxful account

To create a free Paxful wallet head over to then click Create Account.


A registration form will appear for you to fill in your details, Always use your real details.

After filling your details and completing the reCAPTCHA click on the “Create Account button” to proceed, a verification email will be sent to the email address you provided to confirm your email address.

After successfully confirming your email address, you have successfully created a free Paxful wallet and when you login, visit the wallet section to see your Bitcoin Address.


Coin Payments is a Cryptocurrency payment gateway that you can use to accept crypto payments online for goods or services and you can also store your Bitcoins safely using their wallet.

How to create your Coin payments wallet

first, visit then click the menu icon and click Sign up.

A new page will open with the signup form, Coin payments have two kinds of account which are Personal and Enterprise accounts.Coinpay

Choose personal and enter your information, After submitting your details all you need to do is confirm your email address as a confirmation message will be sent to your email inbox.



Remitano is one of the Best bitcoin accounts in Nigeria and also a peer to peer bitcoin market place where buyers and sellers transact, Currently, the service is available to many countries including the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, etc.

How to create remitano BTC wallet in Naija

Visit then click on the menu icon at the top right corner and a new window will pop out, Click Register and fill in your registration details in the new page.

Local bitcoins

Local bitcoins is one of the largest market places for btc, people place ads on Localbitcoins to buy or sell bitcoin and they also provide bitcoin wallets on their platform for users to store their coins and Nigerians are allowed to create free accounts too.

How to create Local Bitcoins account in Nigeria

To create a free Local Bitcoins account visit then click the “Sign up free” button

A new window will open with the registration form, enter your username, Email, Password, complete the reCAPTCHA and click register.

After successfully filling your details, A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your email address.

once that is done you can visit Local Bitcoins site again to log into your local bitcoins wallet with your username and password.


Jostpay is one of the best BTC accounts to open in Nigeria and is also known for its simplicity in trading of cryptocurrency.

currently has Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash wallets integrated into one account. So you can store all three of this cryptos in one account instead of creating different accounts for each coin.

How to create Jostpay BTC account in Nigeria

To create your free account visit then click the menu icon. A new window will display and you will see “Create Account” Click it and fill in your details on the registration page.

After filling your details, An email will be sent to your inbox to confirm your email address. after confirmation, you can now log in to your new Jostpay account.

Buycoins is an African based cryptocurrency company which supports Bitcoin and other coins.

you can easily trade and store any of these four cryptos using their platform.

How to create a free Buycoins account in Nigeria

Head over to then click on the “Get Started’ button, A new window will pop up, Enter your email address, agree to their terms and conditions then click bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

After clicking Continue. you will be prompt to enter your personal details like your Name.

Conclusion on best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

I must say thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I’m sure you now understand how to open a bitcoin account.

the importance of using a secure wallet to store your coins is avoiding getting hacked. The above-mentioned accounts are said labeled best bitcoin wallets in Nigeria because they are tested. I must say you are safe to choose any one of them to store your coins.

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