Bitcoin Referral Programs In Nigeria

Bitcoin Referral Programs In Nigeria

Written by Crypto Redeemer

People say I'm a nerd but actually I'm super-cool and I'm here to talk about the really cool topic being Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards.

July 11, 2020

Looking to make free Bitcoin online? Below We have handpicked the best Bitcoin referral programs in Nigeria. earn money in Nigeria with Bitcoin affiliate programs that pay Nigerians legitimately.

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Bitcoin Referral Programs In Nigeria

If you ask me about making money online, my answer would be “find something you love and look for ways to monetize it through the internet“.

But just in case you still don’t know what you love to do online yet, Bitcoin Affiliate marketing could be your online thing.

As for me, I like the idea of cryptocurrency which motivated me to create this website in order to share my experiences with my readers and I also trade on Cryptocurrency.

If you are searching for a referral program that pays in Bitcoin then this post is the end of your search.


  • Disclaimer: This post is meant to show you legit cryptocurrency programs that will help you make money online, for real so pay attention or maybe you don’t like money?

Without saying much let’s first understand what a referral program means.

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What is a Bitcoin referral program?

This is basically a system set up by Cryptocurrency websites or agencies who are looking for more sales or customers to make individuals help promote and bring in customers for their business in exchange for a reward, It is also called Affiliate marketing.


How does it work

Companies need more customers and with the help of their current customers, they can better achieve this goal.

When you sign up for a bitcoin referral program you get a unique referral link which you can promote by sharing to friends and explaining the benefits of the company you are promoting.

  • When people visit your unique referral link and take a certain action, Maybe to register or buy something, you get rewarded in cash or by percentage for referring the person to their business.


Types of Bitcoin referral programs in Nigeria

Every agency has its own kind of referral program which is determined by its method of approving rewards.

What I mean is different companies who offer an affiliate program either reward you on per sign up or based on a percentage of every transaction your referral makes.


Direct referral system

A direct referral system is one in which an offer is made to reward members per referral for anyone who brings in lead or sale.

For instance, Businesses can contact their current customers with a promo that if they introduce someone new to sign up or buy from them they will be rewarded $100 per every new person they refer to their business.


Reoccurring referral system

This type of affiliate program rewards you continuously based on a percentage of every transaction your referral undertakes on their business.


Bitcoin referral programs to make money in Nigeria.

Below is a list of cryptocurrency websites that pay Nigerians for referring people to their website.


Binance gives you an opportunity to earn crypto when people sign up through your unique referral link.

They reward you 40% of your referrals trading fee.

Meaning it’s a reoccurring type of affiliate program where you earn countless times as long as your referrals keep trading on Binance.

To join their program you need to be a registered user first Visit Binance now to create a free account.

Cryptocurrency referral program Nigeria

I advise you to install their app from your phone’s app store, open the app and sign in.

To create your unique referral link click the “Account” tab then click “My referral ID


Million money Ethereum smart contract ( recommended )

I highly recommend this program, The million money is an Ethereum crowdfunding contract that’s built on the ethereum blockchain.

It aims to help its members earn 1280ETH every 100days which is currently worth 304960.00USD When converted into Naira is over ₦100 million Naira.

This program is a reoccurring type of referral program and you need to only invite 2 serious people.

  • Note: it’s not a Ponzi scheme and it requires a one-time membership fee of 0.03ETH which is less than ₦4,000 currently, All payments are made directly to member’s wallets.

meaning you get access to your funds anytime because the system is set up as peer to peer.

How it works

Again, all you need is two(2) referrals (see the image below), each of your referrals invites two(2) people under them and goes on like that.

When you get to Level five(5) you would have made a huge profit but the goal is level 10 (1280ETH = 304960.00USD). Is that not awesome?

So for less than 4 thousand Naira, all you need to do is recruit just 2 serious people who will also refer 2 more people under them.


million money plan

How to join the Million money-smart contract

In order to register please consider the requirements below.

  • Requires a membership fee of 0.03ETH
  • Refer just 2 people
  • Wallet needed are ECR 20 ethereum wallet that has a Decentralize app. Examples of such wallets are; Trust wallet and Metamask ethereum wallet.


But I recommend the Trust wallet, you can search and install “trust wallet” from your phone’s app store.

once you successfully install the app, open the app, and proceed to create an account.

On the trust wallet, you are not required to use any personal details like your email address.

When you create an account you will be given a 12 words recovery phrase.

This 12 word is the only way you can access your account if you eventually want to login from another device, which you should carefully write them down somewhere and keep it safe.

I recommend you save it as a draft on your email just in case you forget where you wrote it down.

  • After successfully creating your trust wallet, you need to fund your Ethereum wallet with at least 0.045ETH.

If you find it difficult to fund your wallet please contact me on Whatsapp and I can assist, Whatsapp: +2347066691125.

Once there are funds on your Ethereum wallet you can now proceed to join the million money Ethereum smart contract.


Registration process
  1. Open trust wallet and click the Dapps icon that looks like 4 squares (see image below)

2) type the following> on the search bar and click ok to open the link on trust wallet Dapps.

make sure you carefully type the link starting from the https to the ending 924, Example below.

ethereum smart contract trick

3) when the page opens you should see that the site is written in Russia language but you can change it by clicking the top right corner where it says “RU

Once its change to English, click the register red button.

4) Click login Automatically and on the next page click “To Register” this will take you to payment page where you are to make the membership fee.

5) Press approve to complete the payment but if the fee is too high you can click the settings icon on the top right corner to adjust the “Gas price” to “30

6) Once you approve the payment and it goes through you should see something similar to the image below.

Welcome to Million money Ethereum contract now you are on your way to making thousands of Dollars but first, you need to login to your account and copy your own unique referral link which you will use to register 2 persons under you.

Open Dapps on trust wallet and type> and click the highlighted icon at the left.. see the image below for an example.

when you click on the highlighted icon you will see your referral link, just copy it and save it somewhere.

Now you need to introduce 2 serious persons to join the program using your own Link following the same process I explained above.

If you need help or are confused please don’t forget to message me on Whatsapp: +2347066691125, I will be happy to assist.


Paxful also offers a reoccurring referral program where they reward you a percentage of your referrals trading fee.

To join their affiliate program you first have to register for a free account, Visit paxful now and sign up.

After successfully signing up visit the paxful affiliate dashboard to copy and start sharing your unique referral link.


Crypto exchange, Luno offers a direct affiliate program where you and your referral earns a fixed amount of Bitcoin.

Luno affiliate program

To make money with Luno invite program first install their app on your device and visit the reward section to get your unique invite code.



Another reoccurring program is coinmama which rewards you 15% of your referrals purchase fees.

You continue to make money on coinmama as long as you keep referring people and they keep buying Bitcoin from coinmama.

Head on to coinmama affiliate page to get started today.

Written by Crypto Redeemer

People say I'm a nerd but actually I'm super-cool and I'm here to talk about the really cool topic being Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards.

July 11, 2020

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