How to redeem Minecoins

How to redeem Minecoins

Written by Ugbari Augustine Sunday

People say I'm a nerd but actually I'm super-cool and I'm here to talk about the really cool topic being Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards.

August 1, 2022

Are you a lover of fun games and you are currently looking for how to redeem Minecoins? If this sounds like you, then search no more because we got you covered.
In this well-written and amazing article, we are going to discuss exactly what minecoins is all about, what it is used for and the step by steps process you can follow to redeem Minecoins.
Let’s get started, but first of all, let’s see what Minecoins is.

What is Minecoins?

Minecoins are a digital currency that can be used to purchase content within the Minecraft marketplace.
According to research, Minecoins are what we all know as in-game digital currency someone can use to purchase content such as Texture packs, design custom skins, survival spawns, crates, Worlds, adventure maps, and lots more in Minecraft.

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However, Gamers are free to spend these coins on the Minecraft marketplace – there is a huge catalog of player-made content and the prices range from $2 to $50.

It is a multiplayer online game that can be played on your Pc, Mobile, Consoles, Amazon Kindle fire Tv, Windows Mobile, Xbox, or Oculus, and rather than paying directly from your Credit or Debit card, Coins are tied to your Xbox Live account and kept safe in a virtual wallet, ready for use on all Bedrock gadgets.

It also ensures that content is set to a single price globally, with no map being more expensive in one country than another.

Minecoins can be purchased by just clicking on the + sign next to your Gamer tag on any Marketplace page; all you have to do next is to select the amount you want to purchase and then you’ll be directed to your devices app store where you can purchase coins securely.

In addition, you can hence purchase prepaid codes from specified stores such as GAME or Best Buy that can be redeemed over at as this is the only way to gift someone Minecoins as there is currently no way to gift coins via the Minecraft Marketplace.

Have in mind that, immediately after you buy Minecoins from the app store, Minecoins purchases are final and cannot be refunded or changed back into money unless the purchase was made without your knowledge or permission.


How to redeem Minecoins


What are Minecoins used for?

As earlier stated above, Minecoins are in-game currencies you can use to buy or purchase content like texture packs, worlds, crates, mini-games, adventure maps, and lots of other stuff from the Minecraft marketplace, instead of paying from your debit or credit cards.

How to redeem Minecoins

If you want to redeem your Minecoins, you have to follow the simple step-by-step tips we have summarized for you below.
Here they are:
1. Go to Minecraft.

2. Enter your payment card number and your card PIN.

3. Add and validate your email address also known as Xbox Live Account.

4. Then check on the box and confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions of Use and
Privacy Policy of the app store.

5. If you accept their terms and conditions, then proceed and click on redeem the card.
Hence, you will receive an email with a final redemption code and instructions on where to
redeem your code.

Once you have redeemed your Minecoins, you will be provided with a link to your Xbox Live
account so that you can access your coins and buy from all your permitted devices that run

Create your Xbox live account.

Also, if you want to create an Xbox Live account, all you should do is to visit and follow the instructions on the site.

See below the list of some of the error messages you may likely see when redeeming your Minecoins card.

1. The card has already been redeemed.
If you see this error message, all you have to do is to contact Microsoft Support or the platform you purchased from to see if it was redeemed on your own account or by someone else.

2. This PIN code is invalid.
When you see this type of error message, here is what to do, try Contacting the store or place that the card was purchased for further information as early as possible.

3. General error that code doesn’t work.
To this:
• Make sure there are no typos in your information, check to be sure you entered all the right data, as it is ascribed on your gift card.

• Try the process again in one hour or more to rule out a temporary server outage.
• If it’s still not working out well, return it to the store that you bought it from, and then you can ask their customer service to help you activate the card.

4. We are currently unable to redeem Minecoins prepaid cards.

• You can try again in some hours to rule out a temporary server outage.
• Return back the card to the store that you bought it from and ask their customer service to assist you to activate the card.

Tips to note about Minecoins

1. Gift codes for Minecraft for Windows are only redeemed in the Microsoft Store, not on the Minecraft site. Therefore, if you need help with your code for Minecraft for Windows, you can visit Microsoft Support.

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2. Know that Minecraft prepaid cards can be used on a Microsoft account but the one that is not already related with a copy of the game and allow the cardholder to have one Minecraft license.

3. Minecoins prepaid cards are for in-game currency only and cannot be used to purchase a copy of Minecraft.

4. Giftcard codes can be digitally purchased through Amazon and physical cards can be purchased at various retail outlets.

Final words

As earlier stated, Minecoins are the digital currency you can use to purchase things like Mini games, texture packs, crates, Worlds, and a lots more in Minecraft marketplace.
Minecoins can also be purchased in real-life stores like Bestbuy and Gamestop.

Written by Ugbari Augustine Sunday

People say I'm a nerd but actually I'm super-cool and I'm here to talk about the really cool topic being Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards.

August 1, 2022

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