How to withdraw USD from Binance to bank account, now you can cash out US Dollars on Binance.

plan to transfer Bitcoin to bank account or even cash out cryptocurrency from Binance to your USA bank then you are in good hands.

In a matter of minutes, I will show you how to cash out from Binance to bank account successfully if you carefully follow the simple steps below.

Withdraw US Dollars From Binance To Bank Account

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Note: When trying to withdraw, make sure you use the web version of Binance and secondly, make sure you exchange the cryptocurrency you wish to cash out to the trading pair of your desired fiat currency.

for instance, you have Waltonchain and wish to withdraw it to USD. You first have to trade Waltonchain for BTC or any other USD trading pair If WTC isn’t already a trading pair of the fiat currency.


Binance US Trading Pairs



How To Withdraw US Dollars From Binance To Bank Account

Binance has enabled the buying and selling of Cryptocurrency using USD. You can transfer BTC to USA bank account from Binance via ACH, People in The United States of America can only use the U.S version of Binance which is Binance US.

Although their services won’t be available for all states in the USA.

Binance.US won’t be available for the states below

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Vermont
  • Washington


Link Bank Account To Binance To Withdraw USD

  1. The first step is adding your bank account details through ACH, Login Binance from your computer and open your dashboard.
  2. Click “Settings” then scroll down to “Payment management” and click “Manage

withdraw USD from Binance

3) Click “Add a new Account” and select the “ACH” payment method.

withdraw US Dollar from Binance

4) A pop-up message will display, follow the prompts and click continue.

5) Search and select your bank institution.

Link bank account to Binance

6) Enter your correct bank information to securely link your bank account on Binance.

binance withdrawal to dollars

7) After successfully adding your bank details, your ACH account will display on your Linked Accounts.

Link bank account to Binance

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Transfer USD To Bank Account On Binance

After successfully adding your bank details through ACH, The next step is to withdraw USD.

Note: Make sure the crypto you wish to cash out is a USD trading pair, But if not you can first exchange it to either of the trading pairs I listed earlier Like bitcoin then trade the BTC for USD.

Once you sell bitcoin for USD, Your balance in USD will be credited and ready for withdrawal.

  1. Now login Binance on your computer and click profile.
  2. Click the “Wallet” then press the “Withdraw” search and select “USD” enter the amount you wish to withdraw and select a payment method as ACH then click Continue.Binance USD Withdrawal
  3. A new message will display for you to confirm your details then click confirm to proceed.
  4. To confirm it’s you, An email will be sent to you. Open the email and confirm it is you making the withdrawal request.
  5. You will be redirected to the Prime Trust confirmation page then you need to click “Confirm & Verify” to proceed with the withdrawal request.

Once you have followed all the steps above correctly, you will receive your US Dollars to your bank account within 24hrs.


Final Note

Congrats and thanks for making out time to read on this topic from Crypto Redeemer, I hope you can now withdraw USD on Binance through the help of this article?


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