How to buy Bitcoin In Switzerland With Binance, You can purchase cryptocurrency with Swiss franc ( CHF ) and this article explains just how to do it with Binance.


Buy Bitcoin In Switzerland With Binance


Can I Use Binance In Switzerland? 

Binance is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges which also provides wallets for a wide number of cryptocurrencies like ETH, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

In October of 2019, Binance started accepting fiat currency on its platform and Swiss franc ( CHF ) has also been listed making it possible to buy Cryptocurrency in Switzerland.

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How To Buy Bitcoin In Switzerland With Binance

Since the listing of fiat currencies on Binance, Binance has also enabled users to purchase Bitcoin using Visa credit and debit cards.

To be able to buy you need to be a registered user on Binance with email verified.

Click here to register for free.

Depending on the amount you wish to purchase, the purchase process takes about 10mins and coin gets credited on your Binance wallet immediately.


Buying Bitcoin Via Binance Using Credit/Debit Card


To successfully purchase BTC with CHF use the Binance web version by visiting and make sure you login.

By default the currency is set to USD, Click the “USD“.

See the image below for an example.

Buy bitcoin in Switzerland with binance

Search for your currency being “CHF” and select it.

See the image below for an example.

Buy bitcoin with Swiss franc

After selecting your currency, enter your desired amount E.g 500CHF and click “Buy BTC

purchase cryptocurrency with CHF

Add Credit/Debit card to Purchase Cryptocurrency


The next page displays with the amount you entered and the option to pay with Credit/Debit card although when you click the “Credit/Debit card” drop-down there are more options but for this tutorial, we are using Credit/Debit Card option.

So click the “Buy BTC” button to proceed to the next step.

Buy BTC with credit card in Switzerland

Once you click the button a new page will open requesting you to fill in your Card details like card number, Expiry date, and CVV.

Once your card information is correct you will receive an OTP code via SMS to verify it’s your card then you enter the code on the Dynamic password and click “Next

About 1 Swiss franc(CHF) will be deducted from your card.

If you followed the instructions above correctly you should see a new page saying “Card added successfully

Now click “Buy Crypto” to proceed, choose your Nationality as Switzerland and your desired “Estimate investment amount” then click Confirm.

A new page will display saying “Your info is under review” just click “I understand

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I only want to purchase 50CHF so I changed the amount.

You should see the last four digits of your bank card then click the “Buy BTC” button again to proceed.

Buy crypto with CHF

A pop-up message displaying your desired purchase amount, fee, and amount of BTC you will receive will show just click “Confirm” to proceed to checkout.

At the page another OTP code will be sent to you to confirm the transaction.

Enter the OTP code correctly and click “Next”

CHF To BTC Check out

Once the process is successful you should get a pop-up message saying “BTC purchase confirmed”

Congrats you just made your first Cryptocurrency purchase on binance using Credit/Debit card and your BTC is already on your wallet.

Swiss franc to BTC

Click return to wallet or go back to the home page and click the menu icon on the top right corner of the page.

Binance wallet png

Click “wallet” the spot wallet and you will see your bought Bitcoin on your balance.

Btc balance on Binance



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