Legit Chinese Gift Card Vendors

chinese gift card vendors

Written by Crypto Redeemer

People say I'm a nerd but actually I'm super-cool and I'm here to talk about the really cool topic being Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards.

June 27, 2022

How can I find legit Chinese Gift card vendors to trade my gift cards at a high rate? In this article, You will learn how to get legit contacts of card traders and the qualities of a legitimate gift card vendor.

Who is a Chinese Gift Card Vendor?

Chinese gift card vendors

For those who do not know, It’s a Chinese person who deals in the business of buying various gift cards in exchange pays cash or Bitcoin to the seller.

⚠ Be warned that the gift card trading business is risky when you are trying it out for the first time or trading with someone who you do not personally know.

Most people won’t tell you this but There’s a huge percentage of Gift card buyers that claim to be Chinese Gift card vendors but they are all scammers.

We created Crypto Redeemer to help you redeem all types of Gift cards and Cryptocurrencies, You can as well check all Gift card rates by using our Gift card to Naira Calculator, It’s updated daily.

where To Find Chinese Gift card Buyers

If you want to know reliable websites to meet Chinese gift card traders, read below as I’ve listed a few for you both the once I’ve tried out.

this type of website uses the Escrow system which is a middle man between the buyer and seller.

Note: be very careful even on these websites listed below and trade with vendors who have traded a high volume with good reviews, always check their history.

Even at that, I have still lost money and disputes on these websites so they are not 100% scam-free but they have the systems put in place to reduce scammers.

The problem is that most gift card companies won’t let you know when your card was redeemed and by who.

Most popular gift card market, I have used Paxful multiple times, Did I lose money? Yes of course at some point trades don’t go as planned.

Paxful is home to over 5 million users globally and a huge percentage of vendors there are Chinese.

This is a digital marketplace, you can also buy and Sell Gift cards using Bitcoin or their other payment options, Chinese gift card companies use this escrow website to meet new customers.

Chinese Gift card vendor WhatsApp Number

Chinese Gift card traders use Whatsapp for person-to-person trades although I will not be recommending any Whatsapp number on this post, To avoid the tendency of leading you to a potential scam.

Rather I will show you how to fish, Below I will tell you how to get legit Chinese gift card vendors’ Whatsapp numbers, Tested and still working.

Remember the websites I listed above? You can get contacts from there by following the steps below:

  • Register

Sign up for either Paxful or Localbitcoins then complete their verifications.

China gift card trader

  • Communicate

You have to open trade before you can communicate with a vendor on Paxful, Find an offer that has more trades with high positive reviews.

  • Trade

In order to confirm if the vendor can deliver, first trade on Paxful multiple times with a specific vendor.

  • Collect number

Before you ask a vendor for their Whatsapp number and proceed to start selling gift cards to the vendor on Whatsapp, you should have at least traded with the person multiple times on Paxful.

Google Play Gift Card $100

It is better to stick with what works for you, The above method is not so easy but it’s the best because you can get the Chinese WhatsApp numbers by yourself instead of just copying numbers from a website hoping not to get ripped.

Note: Don’t chase high rates, most scammers will hype their rates so you sell to them and they disappear immediately after they use your card.

Qualities of a Good China Gift card Vendors

  • Best rates
  • Trades all types of Gift cards
  • Pays with Naira
  • Pays with Bitcoin
  • High positive Review
  • marked Trusted on Paxful
  • Low to no used gift card saga
  • keeps to his/her word

Finding a reliable person to trade with can be the best thing that can ever happen to any trader, Crypto redeemer was created to provide free information to crypto and gift card lovers and I hope your search for Legit Chinese Gift card vendors does not lead you to scammers.


Written by Crypto Redeemer

People say I'm a nerd but actually I'm super-cool and I'm here to talk about the really cool topic being Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards.

June 27, 2022

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