Buy and Sell Google play gift card $100 online in exchange for Naira, Be it ecode or physical picture, Also ways to avoid getting ripped.

There’s a huge demand for Google cards and you can make money by buying and selling them, on this post You will learn how to buy and Sell Google play card $100.


How much is Google play card $100 in Nigeria

The rate of Google play gift card is not stable as it is known to fluctuate due to demand & supply, For that particular reason, I will not write any specific amount here.

The price for selling $100 Google play in Naira ranges from N30,000 – N40,000, Please note: while the above is true, different Vendors have different rates

Where can I sell Google Play Card in Nigeria? To swap Google play card $100 to Naira you need a reliable Vendor, lucky enough We are into buying and selling Gift cards and you can trade with us Now, Crypto Redeemer buys all kinds of gift cards including Bitcoin and other Liquid digital assets.

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Problem with Google card: we need more info

When I try to redeem my Google card it keeps saying “We need more info“, This problem is predominant but doesn’t always occur, its Googles way to prevent scammers from using their cards.


If you try to use a card purchased by someone else at times you will get an error saying “We need more info” that doesn’t mean the card is already been used, Rather this kind of card can only be redeemed to the email address it was purchased with.

So incase when buying a Google gift card and you are requested to fill your email address, you are advised to use the email address you wish to redeem the card on to avoid the error message.

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How to redeem Google Play gift card from another country

Someone once asked me and I quote “Are Google cards region locked? Because I tried to use US Google outside US and it says “This code can not be Redeemed from your country” The reason is because every country Google card uses the countries currency and you can’t use a USA card on a Nigeria Google account.

To redeem from another country you need to follow the steps below:

Use a strong VPN and connect to the country you wish to redeem their card.

  • Go to your phones settings > Apps.
  • Select Google play store app under settings > Apps.
  • force stop the app.
  • Go to the apps storage, clear Cache and data
  • Exit and reopen Google play store, Now Try to redeem the card.


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